Fire Away! – Bonfire Bistro


Bonfire Bistro at 1433 Corydon Ave

We can’t think of a trend we love more than gourmet pizza. Of course, there’s nothing “new” about simple, fresh ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, fresh-cut basil, and mozzarella cheese laced across a thin crust and fired over oak at 900 degrees; that’s the way they always it in Pompeii. And that’s the way Bonfire Bistro does it at 1433 Corydon Ave today.

gallery1largeWood-fired brick ovens have been with us since the dawn of civilization. Excavations in Pompeii and countless other ancient communities have uncovered various brick ovens with stylized granite counters. There is also evidence that a flatbread was a staple in these communities.

The availability of traditional pizza ingredients, including cured meats, olive oil, pine nuts, capers, garlic, onion, cheese and herbs leads us to imagine that they made great pizza. It would seem that the ancient people of Pompeii had everything but tomatoes.

20150508_115603But tomatoes are never lacking at Bonfire Bistro. Ingredient-wise, Bonfire Bistro has it nailed: cured meats, arugula, fresh basil, good-quality cheeses. And the wood-fired oven – well you can definitely taste the difference.

It’s obvious that this is where the comforts of food combine with the artistry of passion. Bonfire Bistro’s Spicy Pepperoni Pizza features roasted roma tomatoes along with pepperoni, button mushrooms, green pepper, red onion, fresh basil and mozzarella with tomato sauce. Fresh ingredients are sourced from local providers wherever possible and they are what truly make the meal extravagant.

Bonfire’s delectable creations, collection of wines, and infectious atmosphere complement each other to make an exceptional dining experience.


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