Taste the Difference – Frescolio

20150320_124333Frescolio at 2-929 Corydon was founded on the question, “Like wines from the most reputable vineyards, why can’t superior olive oils be worthy of the same recognition?” And that’s just what Michael and Lise have set out to do.

20150320_124254Welcome to Frescolio, a showcase of the world’s best olive oil producers, exacting the most stringent of quality controls which results in the most delicious pleasures to the palate. Coming up to their two year anniversary, Frescolio is an exciting specialty store that features a wide selection of gourmet-quality extra-virgin olive oils and vinegars in a tasting-bar setting. At Frescolio, you’re encouraged to sample as many oils and vinegars as you wish prior to making a decision on what appeals to you most.

The owners first became interested in the concept when following a visit to a similar store in Chicago in 2009. They were intrigued and impressed by the tasting bar specifically for oils and vinegars and were hooked by both the tasting-bar approach and the quality of the products available. They were certain Winnipeg’s ‘foodies’ would enjoy the approach and the superb oils and vinegars as much as they did.

“We try to educate and much as we can,” said Chantal Hogue, Store Manager. “For an oil to be legitimately called “extra virgin”, it must meet several stringent international criteria such as means of production, chemical makeup and purity, and taste. Every oil at Frescolio exceeds those criteria. We bring in oils and vinegars from around the world, including Greece, Spain, Australia, Morocco, Chile, and California.”

20150320_124410And the same goes for the their supply of true balsamic vinegars. “True balsamic vinegars originate in either Modena or Reggio Emilio, Italy,”explained Hogue. “They are aged for up to 18 years before being shipped to be sold. The aging process of the highest-quality balsamic vinegar is done in specific, traditional steps resulting in a superb-tasting product that may be used on its own or paired with an olive oil.”

How does the tasting bar work? The store features more than 40 stainless steel containers, each containing an extra-virgin olive oil or a vinegar. A description of the contents is posted nearby each container. Small cups are available for sampling the oils and vinegars. If you’ve always thought that one olive oil tasted pretty much like the next, you are in for an extraordinary and delightful surprise. The differences are remarkable.


Frescolio 2-929 Corydon Ave 204.505.1455 http://www.frescolio.ca/


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